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The 4th MODPROD Workshop 2010 on Model-Based Product Development

February 9-10, Linköping University

Welcome by the Organizers/ MODPROD Center Presentation:

Peter Fritzson, Petter Krus, ”Presentation of Research at the Center for Model-based Product Development, MODPROD” by Peter Fritzson and Petter Krus


Keynote Presentations

Keynote: Sanford Friedenthal, Principal Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin, USA. ”Model Based Systems Engineering using SysML”

Keynote: Hilding Elmqvist, CEO, Dynasim. ”New Real-time Capabilities in Modelica for Embedded Systems”


Session 1a

Session 1b

  • Johan Ölvander, Linköping University. ”Model-based optimization as a support in aircraft conceptual design”
  • Matts Karlsson, Linköping University. ”Computational Fluid Dynamics in Design”
  • Luc Joudrier, Pantelis Poulakis, Alexander Frantzis-Gounaris, ESA-ESTEC and Garcia Villacorta, Universidad de Valladolid and K. Kapellos, TRASYS Space, Belgium. ”Overview of 3DROV, a planetary exploration rover design and verification tool”

Session 2a

Session 2b

Session 3

Session 4a Model-Based Engineering

Session 4b Model-Based Development

Session 5a Model-Based Engineering Design

Session 5b Model-Based Software Design

  • Göran Rydqvist, Configura. ”Configura CET – Model-based sales configuration and space planning using incremental programming and domain-specific language techniques”
  • Thomas Wiman, Adocus, Sweden. ”UML-based Domain-specific Modeling using MetaModelAgent”
  • Pär Emanuelsson, Ericsson. ”Collaborative Work with Software Models and the Model Merge problem”