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The 7th MODPROD Workshop 2013, February 5-6, Linköping University

Welcome by the Organizers/ MODPROD Center Presentation:

“Presentation of Research at the Center for Model-based Product Development, MODPROD” by Peter Fritzson and Petter Krus, Linköping University. <day2>


 Keynote Presentations

Keynote: Stefan-Alexander Schneider, Technical Specialist, BMW, Berlin, Germany.
“Virtual System Prototyping in Automotive Industry and the role of FMI”

Keynote: Moritz Diehl, Principal investigator at OPTEC Center and Professor at the University of Leuven, Belgium.
”Modelling Tools for Optimal Control and Embedded Optimization”

Keynote: Jon Whittle, Professor and Chair of Software Engineering in the Department of Computing at Lancaster University, UK.
“Model-Driven Development: Does Anyone in Industry Really Use It?”


Session 2a Model-Based Systems Engineering

Session 2b Model-Based Engineering

Session 4a Model-Based Design and Engineering

Session 4b Model-Based Engineering

Session 5a Model-Based Engineering and Applications

Session 5b Model-Based Systems Engineering

Session 6a Model-Based Design and Development

Session 6b UML-Based Software Engineering