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The 8th MODPROD Workshop 2014, February 4-5, Linköping University

Organizers: Peter Fritzson, Petter Krus, Kristian Sandahl

Welcome by the Organizers/ MODPROD Center Presentation:

Peter Fritzson, Martin Sjölund; Petter Krus, Linköping University, Sweden, “Presentation of Research at the Center for Model Based Product Development, MODPROD”    <day2/part2>


  • Tutorial 1: Peter Fritzson, Linköping University.
    “Introduction to Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica using OpenModelica”
  • Tutorial 2: Wladimir Schamai, EADS, Germany.
    “Model-based Development using ModelicaML Value Bindings for Model Composition and Requirements Traceability”
  • Tutorial 3: Dirk Zimmer, German Aerospace Research Center.
    “Modeling and Simulation with the Planar Mechanics Modelica Library”
  • Tutorial 4: Petter Krus, Linköping University.
    “System simulation with HOPSAN NG”
  • Tutorial 5: Martin Sjölund and Adeel Asghar, Linköping University;  Vitalij Ruge, Lennart Ochel, Willi Braun, and Bern-hard Bachmann, FH Bielefeld, Germany.
    “Debugging Equation-Based Modelica Models; Dynamic Optimization with OpenModelica”

Keynote Presentations

Keynote: Amir Rashid, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.
“Circular Business Models – Designing for Re-Manufacturing in Sustainable Manufacturing Systems”

Keynote: Johan de Kleer, Principal Scientist, Xerox Parc, California, USA.
“Using Modelica for Early Stage Design, Reliability Analysis and Fault Diagnosis”

Keynote: Steve Mulski, Director Wind Energy Solutions, SIMPACK AG, Germany.
“Model-based Development of Wind Turbines”


Session 2a Sustainable Systems Engineering

Session 2b Model-Based Engineering

Session 3a Model-Based Software and Systems Engineering

Session 3b Model-Based Engineering

Session 4 Model-Based Engineering and Applications

Session 5a Model-Based Engineering

Session 5b Model-Based Design and Development