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Proceedings of the 12th MODPROD Workshop 2018, February 6-7, Linköping University

”Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems”

Local database currently unavailable; Please find the proceedings at LiU Electronic Press

Welcome by the Organizers:

Robert Braun and Ingo Staack, ”Welcome to MODPROD 2018”

MODPROD Centre Presenation

Presentation of research at the MODPROD centre, part1 (PELAB) by Peter Fritzson et al, part_2 (FLUMES) by Petter Krus, part_3 (Machine Design) by Johan Ölvander


Keynote Presentations

Keynote: Leon Starr, Model Integration LCC, U.S. ”Executable UML Models to Code (with no mysterious gaps)”

Keynote: Janos Sztipanovits, Professor at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA. ”Integration Platforms for the Model-Based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems”

Keynote: Sebastian Engell, Professor at TU Dortmund, Germany. ”Challenges in the Engineering and Management of Cyber-physical Systems of Systems” see for further information.


Session 2a Co-simulation and Distributed Systems

Session 2b Model-Based Engineering and Applications

Session 4a Model-Based Engineering and Applications

Session 4b Internet of Things

  • Shahid Raza, RISE SICS, Sweden. ”Lightweight Sustainable Security for the Internet of Things”
  • Xin Tao, Dejiu Chen and Jinzhi Lu, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. ”Model-based Real-time Anomaly Detection of Embedded System with Uncertainty Analysis”
  • Oliver Lenord, Fabian Jarmolowitz, Wolfgang Kiesenhofer, Katharina Rath and Thomas Obertopp, Robert Bosch GmbH/AG, Germany/Austria. ”Towards an Integrated Tool Chain from Physical Models to Diagnosis Functions”

Session 5a Model-based Design and Optimization

Session 5b Cyber-Physical Systems