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Proceedings of the 13th MODPROD Workshop 2019, February 5-6, Linköping University

”Cyber-Physical Product Development”

Welcome by the Organizers:

Robert Braun and Ingo Staack, ”Welcome to MODPROD 2019”

MODPROD Center Presenation

Presentation of research at the MODPROD center, part_1 (PELAB) by Peter Fritzson et al, part_2 (RISE SICS East) by Niklas Fock, part_3 (FLUMES) by Petter Krus, part_4 (Machine Design) by Johan Ölvander


Keynote Presentation (Session 1)

Keynote: Lars Ydreskog, Deputy CEO, Combitech, Sweden. ”Model-Based Systems Engineering, an Enabler for Digital Product Creation”


Session 2a Model-based Engineering

Session 2b Distributed Modelling and Co-Simulatio

Keynote Presentations (Session 3)

Keynote: Henrik Lönn, Technology Specialist, Embedded Software, AB Volvo. ”Model Based Continuous Integration of Automotive Embedded Systems”
Keynote: Charlotta Johnsson, Professor, Department of Automatic Control, Lund University. ”International Standards and their Relevance for Model-Based Development”

Session 4a Model-based Engineering

Session 4b Model-based Engineering

Session 5a Model-based Engineering

Session 5b Tools for Model-based Engineering