Proceedings of the 15th MODPROD Workshop 2021, February 3-4,
Linköping University

”Digital engineering for a resource efficient and circular industry”

MODPROD Center Presentation

Welcome by the MODPROD center director: Presentation of the MODPROD center (pdf) by Niklas


Keynote Presentations

Keynote: Claes Nord, Senior Visitor Experience Specialist at AB Sandvik Coromant.
”Factory of the Future – Sandvik Coromant Gimo” (link)
Keynote: Richard Romano, Professor at University of Leeds, Chair in Driving Simulation.
”Model-based Design of Automated Vehicles” (link)
Keynote: Andreas Junghanns, Senior R&D Engineer at Synopsys.
”Model-based Design of Automated Vehicles”
Keynote: Lisen Schultz, Deputy Director of Transdisciplinarity at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.
”Resilience Perspective on Sustainability Transformations” (link)


Session 2a: Model-based Systems Engineering

Session 2b: Model-Based Vehicle Engineering

Session 3a: Sustainability & Circular Economy

Session 3b: Cyber-Physical Systems

Session 4a: Standards for Model-Based Engineering.

Session 4b: Machine Learning in Model-Based Engineering

Session 5a: Co-simulation and Tool Interoperability

Session 5b: Applications for Model-Based Engineering

See also the complete MODPROD proceedings within the Linköping University Electronic Press Workshop and Conference Collection No. 26; eISSN: 2003-6523